Can a civilian purchase body armor products from Victory Tactical Gear?

Victory Tactical Gear cherishes the Constitutional rights of every American Citizen; however, due to increased threats towards or Law Enforcement and First Responders, Victory Tactical Gear will only sell our Ballistic Protective Products to credentialed law enforcement, first responders and select qualified civilian NGO personnel.  Civilians may however purchase any of our non-ballistic protective products such as nylon gear and plate carriers as a stand-alone product.


Can I return the Body Armor I purchased if I end up no liking it or it does not fit my carrier?

No.  All sales of body armor is final.  VTG highly recommends you first make sure the size and shape of the body armor you purchase will in fact fit your carrier.  The only time a return is allowed is if VTG ships a defective product.  VTG reserves the right to first inspect the armor product to determine if the defect was caused on our behalf.


How long does it take to ship the armor products I ordered?

Depending on which model of armor you order, it can take up to 35 days to deliver.  We will notify you via email if there are any unusual delays, but most of the time, our products ship within one to two weeks.


How do I verify a particular model of armor is NIJ Certified?

You can check with NLECTC or you can go to their website at www.justnet.org and look up the name of the armor company which is listed in alphabetical order.  Then reference the listed model number.


How long is the warranty for body armor?

Victory Tactical Gear offers 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on most of our armor products.  Certain models are offered with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.  These models are clearly identified on each model.  Contact us to obtain our manufacturer’s warranty.